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Dark Circles

Dark circles are a common beauty concern for both men and women. They are the discoloration or darkness that appears under the eyes, which can make a person look tired, exhausted, or even ill.
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Types of Dark Circles
Vasculars Circles
Pigmentation Circles
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What Are Dark Circles?

What Are Dark Circles?
Causes of Dark Circles
Dark circles, also known as periorbital hyperpigmentation, are the discoloration that appears under the eyes. They are caused by the thinning of the skin under the eyes, which makes the blood vessels beneath more visible. This thinning of the skin can be due to several factors, such as aging, genetics, lack of sleep, stress, or an unhealthy lifestyle.
Dark circles are not a serious medical condition, but they can affect a person's self-esteem and confidence. They are often associated with a lack of sleep, but they can also be caused by other factors such as dehydration, allergies, or underlying medical conditions.
There are several causes of dark circles, and some of the most common ones include:
1. Aging
As we age, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, and the fat and collagen that help to keep the skin firm and elastic start to break down. This can make the blood vessels under the skin more visible, leading to dark circles.
2. Genetics
Some people are more prone to dark circles due to their genes. If your parents or grandparents have dark circles, you are more likely to develop them too.
3. Lack of Sleep
Not getting enough sleep can lead to tired-looking eyes and make the blood vessels under the eyes more visible.
4. Dehydration
When you are dehydrated, your skin can become dry and dull, which can make dark circles more noticeable.
5. Allergies
Allergies can cause inflammation and swelling in the eye area, which can lead to dark circles.
6. Sun Exposure
Exposure to the sun's harmful UV rays can damage the skin under the eyes and lead to dark circles.
7. Medical Conditions
Certain medical conditions such as anemia, thyroid problems, or eczema can cause dark circles.
Apply a cool compress, such as a chilled spoon or a damp washcloth, to your eyes for a few minutes. This can help reduce puffiness and constrict blood vessels.
Dr. Lynda Quah,
Managing Director & Aesthetic Doctor
Dr. Lynda Quah

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How many sessions does it take to remove dark circles?    
In some cases, visible results can be seen after one or two sessions. For more stubborn dark circles, continuous treatment and changes in daily eye care will show improvement in no time. The nature of the dark circles determines how long it will take to reduce them.
How long does dark circle treatment last?    
The results of the treatment are long-lasting after the completion of the treatment protocol. Our doctor will advise proper eye care in detail to prevent the recurrence of dark eye circles.
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Dark Circles

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