Birthmark, Mole, Wart & Xanthelasma

Skin lesions such as birthmarks, moles, warts, and xanthelasma are common and usually harmless. However, they can be a source of concern for some people, especially if they are large, disfiguring, or located in a visible area. In this article, we will explore these skin lesions and the available treatments to remove them.
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Types of Skin Lesions
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Understanding Common Skin Lesions

As the name suggests, birthmarks are marks that appear on the skin shortly after birth. They can be of different shapes, sizes, and colours, and can be located anywhere on the body. Most birthmarks are harmless and do not require treatment. However, some birthmarks can be a sign of an underlying medical condition and require further evaluation. If a birthmark is causing cosmetic concerns or affecting a person's quality of life, it can be removed through laser therapy or surgical excision.
Moles are common skin growths that can appear anywhere on the body. They are usually brown or black in colour, and can be flat or raised. Moles are caused by the accumulation of pigment cells, and most of them are harmless. However, some moles can be a sign of skin cancer, especially if they are irregular in shape, have uneven colour, or have changed in size or shape. If a mole is causing concern, it can be removed through laser therapy, excision, or cryotherapy.
Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) and are a common skin infection. They can appear anywhere on the body, but are most common on the fingers, hands, and feet. Warts are usually harmless and can disappear on their own over time. However, some warts can be painful, unsightly, or affect a person's quality of life. They can be treated through cryotherapy, laser therapy, or topical medications.
Xanthelasma is a yellowish deposit of cholesterol under the skin, usually on the eyelids. It is a sign of high cholesterol levels and can be a risk factor for heart disease. Xanthelasma is usually harmless and does not require treatment. However, if it is causing cosmetic concerns, it can be removed through laser therapy or surgical excision.
If you have a wart, try to avoid touching it, as this can help prevent the spread of the virus to other areas of your body or to other people.
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If you have a skin lesion that is causing concern, it is important to seek medical evaluation to determine the best treatment option.

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Our staff will guide you through the post-treatment period to ensure a speedy recovery. If required, numbing cream/anaesthetic injection will be administered.

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Our experienced doctors will customize a personalized and effective treatment plan to minimize the risk of recurrence/inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Leave your troubles behind because we will take care of them.
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Laser Therapy
Light-based laser technology can precisely target and break down unwanted pigments while causing no harm to the surrounding healthy skin area.
Some moles are best removed by excision, which is cutting out the mole through minor surgery. If there is any change in the size, shape, or color of the mole, a biopsy may also be performed.
Cryotherapy is a state-of-the-art technique that uses extreme cold to treat skin lesions such as warts, moles, and skin tags in a quick and effective manner. Based on the size of the lesion, repeated sessions may be required.
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At Revival Medical Clinic, we offer a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments to remove skin lesions and provide aftercare services to ensure a speedy recovery. Book a consultation with our experienced doctors today and leave your skin concerns behind.
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Can a birthmark be permanently removed?    
Yes. Most types of birthmarks can be removed with laser treatment. The laser used will depend on the type and color of the birthmark. In some cases, depending on the size, surgical excision may be necessary to remove a birthmark.
How many treatments does it take to remove a birthmark/ mole/ xanthelasma/ wart?    
You will typically need about 4 to 6 laser treatments to completely remove a birthmark/ mole/ xanthelasma/ wart, although this can vary from person to person. Treatments are usually carried out 6 to 8 weeks apart, giving your skin time to be fully healed before it is treated again.

As for mole/ wart/ xanthelasma, the number of treatment sessions required varies according to the complexity of the skin lesions.
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Birthmark, Mole, Wart & XanthelasmA

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