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Face| Acne/ Pimples

What causes acne/pimples?

Acne lesions or pimples happen when the hair follicles (or `pores`) on the skin become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. A plugged follicle is the perfect place for bacteria to grow and create the red bumps and pus-filled red bumps known as pimples.

Acne is often confined to the face but it may involve neck, chest and back. Pimples are often resulted as a combination of the following factors

-Familial tendency

-Androgenic hormones

-Acne bacteria

-Self-body response to fight against the inflammation with inflammatory mediators

-Blockage of the hair follicles

Flares of acne can be triggered by

-Hormonal imbalance

-Drugs: steroids

-Application of occlusive cosmetics product

-High environmental humidity

-Diet high in dairy products and high glycaemic foods

We fully understand that both acne and acne scarring can be very upsetting and disfiguring and significant cause of stress for many individuals. At Revival Medical Clinic, we offer the following treatment to pull you through this difficult period based on your acne severity.

Effective treatments for acne/pimples :

1) FDA Approved oral and topical treatment

2) Revival Dermalinfusion Medical Facial - Pore clarifying therapy

We employed this Silkpeel machine which is clinically tested and proven to achieve long lasting results. This procedure involves delivering vitamins, antioxidants and other ingredients not onto, but into your skin, where it is needed most. The process is called Dermal-Infusion. Basically the treatment exfoliates your skin and infuses your chosen serum into the deep skin for long lasting, clear, blemish free skin. This is comprehensive acne treatment because it addresses all of the causes of acne – the excess sebum, the P. acnes, and the clogged pores.  And the gentle microdermabrasion stimulates healthy cellular turnover and skin function without the irritation and inflammation associated with other treatments.

3) Revival Spectra Laser

The dual modes of Spectra system can lead to excellent results include:

-Removal of superficial dead skin and excess oil on the skin surface

-Opening and clearing of plugged pore entrances as the Spectra lotion penetrates the pores, mixing with the oil and the acne bacteria, creating shrinkage of oil glands, reduce pore size and oil production

-Spectra Peel can significantly reduce the severity of outbreaks and calms the existing acne

4) Revival Acne Clear

We are using potent chemical peel for acne by blending a mixture of fruit derived acid and other anti-inflammatory agents to effectively treat and heal acne lesions.

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