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TEOSYAL Redensity [I]

A new light reflecting treatment

What is Light filling?

A new treatment concept between filling injections and mesotherapy, which redensifies your skin deep down and restores its ability to reflect light. This innovation guarantees a uniform and totally natural result.

Why light filling?

Age, stress, hormonal imbalance (post-birth, menopause…) as well as sun, tobacco and a careless lifestyle are all factors involved in skin aging. At any age, skin aging is accentuated by the loss of luminosity in your face. Your complexion dulls, lines develop, and the texture of your skin is uneven, wrinkles and lines appear. All these parameters create dark areas on your face and your skin gradually loses its ability to reflect light. You face looks sad and tired.

What can I expect?

Characteristics of the Light Filling Redensity [I]

Rigorous selection of ingredients, all naturally present in the skin:

  • 15mg/g hyaluronic acid: for optimal hydration.
  • Dermo-Restructuring Complex: 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals and 1 vitamin.
  • Lidocaine: anesthetic effect for more injection comfort.






1) Restructuring and cell regeneration

Zinc and Copper

Amino acids

Vitamin B6

Non-allergenic cofactor in 140 chemical reactions in the cell

Amino acids




2) Antioxidant protection

Direct provision of glutathione by the Dermo-Restructuring complex

Essential for glutathione synthesis

Recycles the glutathione and increases its lifepan

3) Skin Hydration

Hyaluronic acid 15mg/g

In-depth hydration

Arginine amino acid, natural hydration factor

Regulates hydration of the upper layers of the skin

Light filling is for everyone

  • At any age when the following signs of aging appear and develop
  • Tired, drawn features
  • Loss of tone and radiance
  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Discomfort


Regularly, for general rejuvenating treatment. (3 Light Filling session at 3 week intervals for optimal skin redensification, then 2 to 3 sessions per year to maintain the effects of the treatment).

Alternating and combining with hyaluronic acid based filling injection and other cosmetic procedures. Occasionally, after extended exposure to sun or for an occasion.

Which areas can be treated?

Light Filling treatment is suitable for the face, neck and also neckline which is a particularly fragile area often ignored by traditional treatments.

Does it leave any marks?

Every small discomfort and some redness may appear on the injection site.

Thanks to the purity of Teosyal gels, post-injectioins effects usually decrease in few hours. Your can return to your social life immediately after your injection.

Moreover, to ensure your comfort, TEOXANE laboratories have developed a cosmeceuticals range containing hyaluronic acid specifically designed to offer accelerated skin regeneration, optimum comfort and discretion immediately after your aesthetic procedure:

1)Regenerate with pre/ post

Regenerating soothing care

2)Correct with covering repair

High coverage corrective foundation – SPF 15

(Bruises, redness, skin imperfections, dark circles, etc.)

3)Moisturize and enhance with advanced filler

High nutrition anti-wrinkle cream

Results: You can return to your social life immediately after injection session. Day after day, your skin is replumped, firmed and intensely moisturized.

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