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Restylane Vital

Rehydrate even the most delicate areas from within

Over time, the quality of your skin changes; collagen and elastic fibers disintegrate, and the functioning of the body’s own hyaluronic acid changes, making your skin drier, rougher and less elastic. While many moisturizers pamper your skin on the surface, Restylane skinbooster, comprising Restylane Vital products hydrate from within. This is the true hydration inside your skin that restores and revitalizes your skin right under the surface through pain-free injections with long-lasting and visible results.

Restylane skinboosters were developed by using pated NASHA technology, a stabilized non-animal hyaluronic acid from the world renowned Restylane product family. It is proven effective in restoring the hydrobalance of the skin, as well as improving structure and natural look with new energy and vitality. Result can last up to 6 months or even longer.

Restores Hydrobalance

Improves Skin Elasticity

Restylane skinboosters act like a dermal reservoir to create a rich and long-lasting source of water inside the skin by means of patented NASHA technology. By increasing the skin’s capacity to hold water, it becomes fuller and firmer. After just 3 treatments, the effect builds up and your skin continues to be hydrated because the rehydration is already inside your skin. A maintenance treatment every 6 months is recommended.

Restylane skinbooster significantly increase the skin’s elasticity and reduce roughness on the surface. Regular treatments with Restylane skinboosters can also stimulate dermal fibroblasts to produce new collagen which helps improve the structure of old and sun-damage skin.

Increase Firmness

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Restylane skinbosters significantly increase the thickness of your skin, resulting in plumper and firmer skin.

Restylane skinboosters improve the overall skin quality if your face as well as exposed and sensitive areas such as your neck, décolletage, lips, eyes and hands, even the areas with acne-scarred skin.

The safe choice for natural results- NASHA technology

NASHA gel is also clinically proven to stimulate collagen synthesis, and it is biodegradable, closely mirroring the status of the body’s own hyaluronic acid. It is the first FDA approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler. And with over 15million treatments carried out worldwide, it is also the most clinically proven with over 60 international studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is maintaining my skin’s hydrobalance so important?

With aging and lifestyle factors like tanning and smoking, the hyaluronic acid in our skin loses its capacity to bind and retain water. Our skin this become less elastic, rough and dull. By restoring the hydrobalance in our skin, hydration and nutrition level are balanced in our skin, hydration and nutrition level are balanced, resulting in well-toned, smooth and firm skin.

Are Restylane products safe?

Yes. They are natural, and have been tested and documented safe, and also have received FDA approval with over 15 million treatments conducted worldwide. Restylane products contain stabilized hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin which closely resembles the natural hyaluronic acid in our skin, thus reducing the risk for inflammatory reactions.

Is the effect permanent and do I have to use it repeatedly?

Restylane skinboosters have proven efficacy. The effect is long-lasting but not permanent due to the gel’s unique property. To start with, we recommend 3 treatment sessions, approximately 3 to 4 weeks apart, to let the effect build up, and then a maintenance treatment after about 6 months. There is no restriction to the frequency of application and you may use it as often as you wish.

How long is the downtime when undergoing Restylane skinboosters treatment?

Downtime is generally a few days. Patient will experience some swelling and redness after treatment.

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