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Body| Odour/ unpleasant smell

What causes body odour?

Body odor also known as bromhidrosis, is an unpleasant smell that can occur when you sweat. There are 3-4 million sweat glands on our body. The unpleasant smell is produced by the bacteria on the skin that break down the sweats into acids.

Factors that can make body odour worse:

- overweight

- eating rich/ spicy foods

- medical conditions such as diabetes

Managing your body odor by washing the sweating area every day to removes sweat and reduces the number of bacteria on your skin. Using an antiperspirant or deodorant will help to prevent/ reduce the body odor.

Effective treatment for body odour :

1) Botulinum toxin A injection and chemical peel application

At Revival Medical Clinic, we have been effectively treating our patients with botulinum toxin A injection to the affected area such as underarm to achieve maximum sweat reduction. The effect will lasts around 6-9 months.

It can be injected into:

- underarm

- palms

- soles

Chemical peeling with give synergistic effect to reduce the existing bacteria over the skin which help to prevent the production of unpleasant body odour.

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